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Testimonials / Reviews

See what our loyal customers have to say!

I had a rotator cuff injury playing pickleball in April. Friend suggested these CBD patches. Applied a patch to shoulder area for 5 days straight. Pain miraculously disappeared and I can once again lift my arm above my head. I am so thrilled these worked. Back to the courts this week. Much appreciated.

Trevor S

As a college athlete I have don't have time for powders, pills and processed drinks. The B-12 patch powers me through my off field and on field daily demands. I just slap on a patch daily. Stuff works. Thanks guys.

Mike P

More often than not, products like this can be a bit gimmicky. This is not that product. It actually works. I’ve ordered it time and time again. I’ve shared with friends and family who now order as well. This product is worth every penny!

Danielle H

We love Thrive Hangover Patch that we order Bulk size! As you get older, hangovers can last two days when you are having fun. My friends and I put one on an hour before we start drinking and we can still function with grown up lives the next day.
The ordering process is simple and the processing and shipping is very fast!
HIGHLY Recommend for grown ups! The bulk pricing would be perfect for weddings and events too!


I've tried other patches. These definitely work!! Others don't compare.

Michael D

My friends and I are professional drinkers. The patch works, enabling us to take our game to another level. MOOSE has spoken.


I love the Perfect Patch hangover patch! I'm a makeup artist and often bring them to weddings. They're fun to customize for special occasions (bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls weekends or just a night out) or just hide it under your shirt if you don't want anyone to notice. The patches really work. All you have to do is put it on before you start drinking and then drink water. I'm going to order more for sure.

Lindsey W

The vitamin patch worked for me. Put it on as directed. No hangover Sunday. Felt like a longer weekend because of it.

Nick B

These are my go to when I need boost. The individual packs are perfect as a unique gift. I'm sold on them!!!

Shari K

Cool Product 😎 Worked like they say.


First, the patches work. NO doubt. But what really floored me is how nicely packaged my delivery and the package was. These guys have there shit together. Will repeat buy.

Ron H

The patch worked for me and my friends. Bachelorette party was fun without feeling awful the next day.

Ashley B

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