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Testimonials / Reviews

See what our loyal customers have to say!

I love the B12 Boost patches!!!! I am addicted to them. They definitely increase my energy levels. I would recommend them to everyone!!

Melanye Welch

Love this patch. It’s a lifesaver when you know you’re going to be drinking a lot. I put them in everyone’s weekend goodie bags for our lake trip. Definitely a perfect addition to wedding swag bag too. I won’t drink with out a Thrive patch on. Perfect party favor.

Dawn E

Amazing. Just bought another 100!

Michael DeStefanis

I have been using the hangover patches for over a year now and they are amazing! Going out for a night of drinking usually meant 2-3 business days to recover but now I can wake up the next day and be a full functioning adult.

Would recommend to everyone!

Gabriel Pantoja

I. Love. This. Product. and I share with everyone how great I feel after a day of cocktails on the lake -- no headache, no nausea, no yucky AT ALL!! Patches up Peeps!! Thanks Arthur :)

Jennifer Luczak

I am a nurse in a busy hospital. The B12 energy patch is a lifesaver for me and my staff. This is also the only transdermal company I found that provides a certificate of analysis on their products. I am very vigilant about what I am putting in my body. Great Product that works as advertised.

Sarah L

AMAZING! LIFE SAVOR! Only cure! I don't ever drink without my patch anymore! No headache no nauseousness! I can still get up and live the next day!


Best product around. Been using for years. Seriously, nothing else compares.


Have only used once. So far so good.


I have used different patches but the Thrive Perfect Patch is the best. I used them recently on a vacation to Cancun and after a few nights of drinking while wearing the patch I felt great every morning.


In love with this patch. I have been using these patches for years and I love them. Now my friends are using them too. I'm back to my 20's again thanks to these patches lol


Like Magic 2 day delivery from Georgia to Colorado sticks. Thank you.

John U

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