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Testimonials / Reviews

See what our loyal customers have to say!

This product is nothing short of amazing. My pain and anxiety have subsided after just three days of using it. BTW, ordered on a Friday AM and it was delivered on Monday. 360 black magic. Thanks Arthur.


I decided to try this patch instead of taking all of the vitamins I had been taking. The patch works for me. If I forget to apply it, I start feeling sluggish. I will continue to order.

Paula Maxwell

I love the B12 Boost patches!!!! I am addicted to them. They definitely increase my energy levels. I would recommend them to everyone!!

Melanye Welch

Love this patch. It’s a lifesaver when you know you’re going to be drinking a lot. I put them in everyone’s weekend goodie bags for our lake trip. Definitely a perfect addition to wedding swag bag too. I won’t drink with out a Thrive patch on. Perfect party favor.

Dawn E

Amazing. Just bought another 100!

Michael DeStefanis

I have been using the hangover patches for over a year now and they are amazing! Going out for a night of drinking usually meant 2-3 business days to recover but now I can wake up the next day and be a full functioning adult.

Would recommend to everyone!

Gabriel Pantoja

I. Love. This. Product. and I share with everyone how great I feel after a day of cocktails on the lake -- no headache, no nausea, no yucky AT ALL!! Patches up Peeps!! Thanks Arthur :)

Jennifer Luczak

I am a nurse in a busy hospital. The B12 energy patch is a lifesaver for me and my staff. This is also the only transdermal company I found that provides a certificate of analysis on their products. I am very vigilant about what I am putting in my body. Great Product that works as advertised.

Sarah L

AMAZING! LIFE SAVOR! Only cure! I don't ever drink without my patch anymore! No headache no nauseousness! I can still get up and live the next day!


Best product around. Been using for years. Seriously, nothing else compares.


Have only used once. So far so good.


I have used different patches but the Thrive Perfect Patch is the best. I used them recently on a vacation to Cancun and after a few nights of drinking while wearing the patch I felt great every morning.


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