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Perfect Patch FAQ

Common questions about our patches

How do you properly apply and remove our patches?

The patch is comprised of 3 main components (patch exterior, moisture barrier seal & application pad).  The vitamins are applied during the manufacturing process and are suspended in a medical grade oil/adhesive.  The patch can be slightly difficult to remove from its backing due to the strength of the medical adhesive.  See pic below for proper removal from backing


Once the patch is removed, do not allow it to contact any foreign surface.  Identify a dry hairless part of the body on the upper extremities.  Apply the patch similarly to applying a band aid.  The patch may be worn under clothing.  Use your fingers to smooth the outside areas to form a water-proof seal. The patch can be worn for 8-12 hours.  You should apply the patch 30-60 minutes prior to beginning your epic experience. Wearing of multiple patches is not recommended.

How do transdermal patches work?

We have all heard of major brands with transdermal products like the Nicoderm patch used for smoking cessation.  The medicine or vitamins are suspended in a very thin layer of medical grade oil.  That oil is applied to the patch and the patch to the skin.  The vitamins initially penetrates through the stratum corneum and then passes through the deeper epidermis and dermis without drug accumulation in the dermal layer.  The vitamins are absorbed through the blood vessel membrane and into the bloodstream.

How do all those vitamins fit on that tiny patch?

Vitamins taken orally (pills or capsules) contain a long list of fillers. Magnesium Silicate, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium dioxide FDC coloring, and hydrogenated oils to name a few.  Most are added to get them into their pretty little shapes but also as a binding agent for the actual vitamins and to help with digestion.  The vitamin weights in a pill are miniscule compared to the weight of the fillers.  The vitamins in our patches are suspended in a sublaminar layer of low molecular weight carrier oil. The vitamins are infused in this layer on the backside of the patch along with a low absorption adhesive.

Are transdermal patches safe to use?

Transdermal medicine/vitamin/herb application has been around for decades.  That being said, our patches are manufactured in a FDA approved facility and are in compliance with US federal code of regulation 10CFR211.132. (tamper proof packaging).  This code states: A tamper-evident package is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred. To reduce the likelihood of successful tampering and to increase the likelihood that consumers will discover if a product has been tampered with, the package is required to be distinctive by design or by the use of one or more indicators or barriers to entry that employ an identifying characteristic. Our patches are individually vacuum sealed and the boxing material contains secondary seals and written indicators.  Our patches ALL have product expiration dates.

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