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How to apply our patch to your skin

Applying Our Patches

How and where to apply our patches

Applying hangover patch for a night out

Place the patch on your upper arm before beginning your experience

  • The pressure-sensitive transdermal adhesive patch allows the vitamin & herb extracts to enter your skin quickly and enter into your bloodstream.

  • Our patches are easy to apply and feature a NON-Latex medicinally approved odorless adhesive for zero skin irritation.

  • We are so confident that you will see the difference, that we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Arthur's Application Recommendations

ARTHUR THE DEVIL is really smart so please follow his directions:

I, ATM, have found that my patches works best when applied to a clean dry (hairless) area on the upper extremities. The patches are designed to boost your nutritional absorption and address specific ailments. The patches have been extensively tested on family, friends and in clinical trials with 93% success rate (double blind placebo trials).

Arthur the hangover devil

Our Money Back Guarantee

We designed this transdermal patch to replace key nutrients lost during alcohol consumption.  The patch is specially formulated with just the right mix of complex B vitamins and eight other essential vitamins including GREEN TEA Extract to allow you to achieve peak performance the day after your EPIC experience.  You can expect increased; Energy, NO ill feelings, Waking up renewed, and NO regrets.  The product was over a year in the making with multiple successful clinical trials.  The results were astounding with 93% of people reporting positive results.  Go ahead, give us a try, were confident you will be pleasantly impressed.  You  will experience a difference or we reimburse your money. Simple as that.

With thousands of raving fans and delighted customers we still know there are skeptics.  To make it a "NO-Brainer",  were offering a guarantee.  You experience a difference or we reimburse your money, NO questions asked.  Even if your a social drinker or do not drink at all, you will notice the energy boost, and significant diminished affects of alcohol consumption the day after.  Many of our customers who use the patch, do so for the rejuvenation and immunity boost affects. Go ahead, give us a try, were confident you will be pleasantly impressed.  NOTE: The patch does NOT reduce your impairment. Please drink responsibly.

30 day money back guarantee
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