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Best Drinking Spots in America

If you need to travel as an excuse to drink, this list is for you.

A great way to explore the cultural diversity, geographical diversity, and variety of entertainment across this great nation is to go on a drinking tour. From the southernmost tip of the continental United States to the middle of the desert and from the bayou to New England, we’re covering drinking in America. If you need a festival or live music or a sporting event as an excuse to bar hop across the nation, take it! We’ve gathered the best drinking spots just for you!

Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

When Jimmy Buffett’s entire career revolves around drinking in Key West, then you know you’ve got to try it out for yourself down there. Featuring the southernmost point of the continental U.S., Key West boasts Fantasy Fest, a 10-day “Party in Paradise,” AND a Hemingway Look-Alike Contest – we’re starting to get the idea that folks are just looking for an excuse to drink. With an actual bar named Margaritaville and the Sloppy Joe’s from Hemingway’s drinking days, you have plenty of stops to make on your way to Mallory Square. You wouldn’t know that it’s not legal to carry an open container by watching the bike and foot traffic passing by with cups along Duval Street. Can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Who Dat?

You guessed it! New Orleans! Here is a place where you CAN carry an open container – it’s an open container oasis! Every bar features to go cups – meeting your friends at the next place, but you just ordered a drink? No problem – help yourself to a to-go cup and take your drink with you. What if you don’t feel like fighting the crowd to order a drink from the bar? No problem – Bourbon Street offers plenty of walk-up bars. Order something frozen and keep the street party going! Yes, Mardi Gras is the ultimate party, and Jazz Fest keeps Fat Tuesday on its toes – but New Orleans is a party year round. Watch out for those hurricanes!

Vegas, Baby!

While we’re on an open container kick, it’s also legal in Las Vegas to carry an open container – what a surprise! Explore The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas with a drink in hand – 24 hours a day – that’s right, no last call! Just don’t fall in the Fountains of Bellagio! If you’re actively gaming on the casino floor, drinks are on the house! And if you’re only interested in drinking, there are All You Can Drink beer and liquor deals at places like Coyote Ugly and Blondies. And yes, they have to go cups, too! There are plenty of bottomless beverage opportunities in Sin City!

People’s Republic of Austin

While we’re out west, let’s head down to Austin, Texas. When looking for a great place to drink, an easy rule is “follow the music.” With great live music venues, Austin is considered the live music capital of the world – and somehow is growing in popularity year after year. Fun, friendly, quirky locals provide plenty of drinking buddies. And although open containers are allowed in many of Austin’s residential neighborhoods, they are not allowed in the happening downtown. Go figure! You can still enjoy Sixth Street’s bars, club, and music venues without an open container, right? The open container party couldn’t go on forever in this blog post, could it?

Beantown, Boston

Boston – Beantown – Home of the Red Sox – hey, let’s not get personal! Besides music venues, sports teams are another avenue when searching for a great place to drink. Whether you’re following baseball, hockey, football, or basketball, Boston has a team and a fanbase and a sports bar or two or two hundred. Ironically, closing time is 1 a.m. for the most part in Boston, and technically, happy hours are banned in the city. Despite the legacies of Bay State Puritanism, Bostonians still figure it out and find an after party in an old New England house-turned-apartment building. One more thing: Boston features the Beantown Pub – the only place where you can drink a Sam Adams while looking across the street at Sam Adams’ grave.

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