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What Makes Our Hangover Patch The Best?

THRIVE Hangover Prevention Patch

We're The Original Hangover Prevention Patch

Perfect Patch Transdermal is the original ‘Hangover Patch’. We were one of the first to market with an effective transdermal patch specifically formulated to combat hangovers. Our own research, testing and participation in the field lead us to develop a hangover patch with the perfect combination of organic vitamins, minerals and nutrients to accomplish the job.

Since our inception, we have seen many competitors enter the Hangover Patch market with expensive packaging and advertising budgets to force their way out front, only to pass those costs on to the unwitting consumer. That’s right!

Effective, Affordable, Authentic

Today our THRIVE Hangover Patch is not only one of the most effective, but also the most affordable hangover patches on the market.

We can proudly say that we have grown our customer base organically by networking in online communities, attending music festivals, sports games, beer fests and other social gatherings across the country. Instead of investing in marketing bells and whistles, we invested in getting to know our customers and ensuring the quality of our product.

Don’t be fooled by deceptive merchandising techniques. You may see a lower price from a competitor in your search results. Take a closer look at what you get and you may be surprised. We can tell you that, on a patch by patch basis, Perfect Patch Transdermal provides the biggest bang for your buck.

This is true across our entire family of patches, including our popular B-12 Boost patch, and our new CBD Decompress patch.

Quality You Can Cheers To!

We are the only ones, among our competitors, to provide access to our Certificates of Analysis, which we request for each batch of patches we produce. These lab generated certificates serve to prove our hangover patch contains exactly what we say (COQ10, B-12 and Ashwagandha), and in the quantities that we specify. We spend time in person with production, take walk throughs of the lab and are highly familiar with our manufacturing process. We top it off with the best medical grade adhesive and tamper proof packaging available.

So Let's Party

Today there are a number of hangover prevention products to choose from, but don’t get lost in the clutter. If you’re searching for the best hangover patch, with a history of caring for its customers and delivering a stellar product, search no further! Perfect Patch Transdermal is the original transdermal patch for the prevention of hangovers, delivering an effective, affordable product with a quality you can cheers to!

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