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7 Benefits of Transdermal CBD Oil Patches

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

CBD oil patches are relatively new to the market but are innovating the way we deliver CBD to the body.

There are several popular methods to consume CBD including gummies, tinctures, and vapes. Transdermal CBD patches are used for localized treatments on your body and are slowly absorbed over time. Their unique delivery method may leave you wondering, do they work as well as vapes, lotions, and other CBD products and what are their health benefits?

Unlike traditional methods of CBD delivery, such as inhaling or ingesting, CBD full spectrum patches are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your skin. In this article, we will look at seven of the potential health benefits of transdermal CBD oil patches.

1. Pain Relief and Inflammation

CBD is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce pain in the body. CBD transdermal patches are an alternative method to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation instead of using opioid medications. CBD transdermal patches can be particularly useful when treating several conditions including:

  • Dermatitis

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Arthritis

  • Rheumatic Diseases

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Oedema and other ailments

2. Discreet Application

CBD transdermal patches provide users with a discreet application and delivery method. When compared to inhaling or ingesting CBD, the ingredients in a patch are slowly absorbed for eight hours or more, depending on the product. Because of the long absorption period, most users can avoid reapplying a new patch while at work or school.

In addition to their discreet application and absorption rates, some CBD full spectrum patches are also waterproof. This allows users to shower or swim while still wearing their CBD patch for pain and inflammation relief. Before showering or swimming, make sure your CBD patch is waterproof by checking the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Delivery Method

Compared to oils, capsules, vapes, and other CBD consumption methods, CBD transdermal patches are the most effective way to relieve pain, inflammation, and other ailments. When CBD is taken orally, it does not directly reach your bloodstream. The stomach, lungs, and liver break down cannabinoids to exit the body as a waste product. This decreases the amount of CBD remaining in your body and its effectiveness.

However, CBD transdermal patches are absorbed directly into your bloodstream without being broken down by the liver, lungs, or stomach. It is common for CBD patch users to feel positive effects within one to two hours. Please note, it may take more time for individuals previously using opioids and other “hard medications” to feel the effects of the CBD patch.

4. Dosage and Application

CBD full spectrum patches are easy to apply, especially for first-time users. When using a patch, you do not have to measure your dosage before consuming CBD. One patch is considered a single dose and gives you a slow, constant stream of CBD. Conveniently, there is a variety of patches with higher doses of CBD for experienced users available on the market.

You apply the patch to the area of your body requiring relief, like your back or arm, and it begins transferring the CBD into your bloodstream. CBD transdermal patches do not need to be replaced every few hours, unlike capsules and oils. Most patches last for eight hours or more and create less hassle during your day.

5. Anxiety and Depression

While research on the subject is constantly evolving, many users believe CBD reduces anxiety and depression. It has been especially helpful to those suffering from social anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While more research is necessary to fully understand how CBD affects anxiety and depression, CBD is thought to act on serotonin receptors in the brain when consumed. CBD binds to your endocannabinoid system which influences your mood, sleeping habits, memory, and other neural responses. CBD transdermal patches directly influence your serotonin receptors and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

6. Sleep

Not only does CBD help regulate stress, but evolving research also suggests it may improve your sleeping habits. CBD interacts with the hypothalamus which controls different factors of resting like body temperature and sleep patterns. Stress is one of the biggest issues for individuals struggling to sleep. Research shows CBD improves your sleeping habits by suppressing stress and creating a better cycle for rest.

This improvement may help with issues like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, stress, anxiety, and other conditions impacting your sleep cycle. CBD transdermal patches allow you to receive a steady dose throughout the night and may combat different disorders affecting your sleep. Oral consumption methods can wear off during your sleep, but full-spectrum patches provide a continuous amount of CBD until you are done resting.

7. Little to No Side Effects

While CBD transdermal patches may contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it is no more than 0.3%. This low level of THC will not create psychoactive side effects in users. CBD and THC are compounds found in the cannabis plant, but they are found in different parts of the flower. The anxious “high” feeling is produced when THC binds to receptors in your brain. CBD does bind to the receptors in your brain and instead creates an overall feeling of well-being in users.

CBD full spectrum patches may produce a few rare mild side effects when using the product. Some mild side effects can include tiredness, headaches, and skin irritation at the site of the patch. However, these side effects are more common if you are using a high-dose CBD patch. When compared to the addictive qualities of using opioids for chronic pain or using pharmaceuticals to treat depression and anxiety, many CBD transdermal patch enthusiasts will gladly trade constipation, nausea, mental clarity issues, and other major side effects for an alternative natural option.

Overall, CBD patches offer their users many health benefits with minimal side effects. The patches are easy to apply, non-invasive, and discreet. If you are looking for an alternative to strong medications for anxiety, pain, or inflammation, try our Decompress CBD Oil Patch today! It is an odorless, long-lasting CBD transdermal patch you use during the day or at night.


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